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Hello everyone,

I have been have trouble with uploading sketches to my FIo board wirelessly. After some troubleshooting and analysis I think I have figured out the cause but haven't been to solve it.

I have re-programmed and verified my xbee series 2. The 2 xbee modules are communicating with each other.
I have tested these in several ways:
1. I put my xbee on separate explorer board and using different x-ctu terminals I am able to talk with each other.
2. When I plug one of my xbee on the explorer and other on the fio board, and then give the ATND command on the x-ctu terminal I am successfully getting all the  information from the router on the fio board.

3. I somehow was able to upload a program when I first got the fio boards (about a month and half ago). So now when I have one xbee as coordinator on the explorer board, I am getting the values on the terminal.

The Rssi light on the explorer board is constantly on, which also indicates that the 2 xbee are synced. My problem is when I click the upload sketch button on arduino ide, the RX light on the explorer board also comes on and stays on steady for quite a while. This probably means that the xbee on the explorer is receiving data but then TX light starts blinking on the explorer board for a few seconds and I get the stk500_getsync() error.

It seems to me that the fio board is not responding. Could someone verify my analysis and also hopefully guide me to a solution.

Thank you.



The schematic diagram shows a solder-jumper called SJ1 between the XBee DIO3 (DTR) output and the reset circuits on the FIO.  Do you have that solder jumper in place?  If not, you will have to do manual resets to upload sketches.

Did you make the modification to the XBee-to-USB adapter used for sending sketches, as shown in the FIO programming guide:

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Hello John,

Thanks for your reply. The sj1 solder jumper, I believe is required for only xbee seires 1. I read that somewhere and also have tested it. When I manually reset the board with xbee series 1 the program does get uploaded but when I do the same with xbee series 2 I still get the getsyn() error. So that confirms that the sj1 jumper is meant for xbee series 1.

I have also made the modification to xbee-usb adapter. The problem still stays the same.



I wanted to verify this with some one. I know that the tutorial on usb explorer says to solder the rts and d3 pins for transfering data, but shouldn't it work if I just connect rts and d3 on a breadboard. This may sound stupid but I am a newbie and just learning stuff as I work with it.
I did make the connection on breadboard and it didn't work so I want to verify if it would make a difference if I actually solder it.

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