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Topic: Arduino Engineering Kit needs Matlab R2019b to work with MacOS 10.5.3 Catalina (Read 19050 times) previous topic - next topic


Mar 13, 2020, 11:42 pm Last Edit: Mar 18, 2020, 02:09 am by map9000 Reason: Corrected a Matlab version error number, explicitly requesting a license key.
I have been told by Matlab support that support for Mac OS 10.5.3 was discontinued with the release of MATLAB R2019a. Please refer the below documentation link for more information.


And that I need MATLAB R2019b release for it to work with MacOS 10.5.3:Please refer the below documentation link for more information.


I received the Arduino Engineering kit with R2019a, how can I upgrade it to R2019b? Without being able to upgrade the Matlab release the AEK can not be used so I would appreciate your feedback / or issuing me with a license key number so that I can download the 2019b release to enable it to work with my Mac.

Sravya Amirisetti


With your license from the engineering kit, you can download Matlab in two different computers.

If you already have your license linked to your mathworks account, please login to your mathworks account and check the link here: https://se.mathworks.com/downloads/web_downloads/

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Hi Sravya,

The copy of Matlab I have is the copy I downloaded as per the Arduino Engineering Kit instructions inside the lid of the kit, i.e. go to https://au.mathworks.com/campaigns/products/arduino-kit-license.html
to download and install the software using he code printed on the inside of the lid of the kit.

In order to link a Matlab license to a Mathworks account you need to enter the license number of the product at the Add License page: https://au.mathworks.com/licensecenter/licenses/add
Please see screen shot "Matlab LICENSE" file attached.

As per the instructions on that screen, in order to find the Matlab license you type the LICENSE command at the Matlab command prompt. When I do this I obtain:
>> license

ans =


If I try to use the code from the lid of the Arduino engineering kit as the license key I receive this error:
The license number or activation key is invalid.

So it appears that I can't link a Matlab license to my Mathworks account as it is a Sponsored Education edition of  Matlab. And if I can't link a license, I cant download the R2019b upgrade file which is the version I need in order for Matlab to support MacOS 10.5.3

Are you able to obtain a license number for me which I can use to perform this upgrade?

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