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Hi there,

I've been looking into trying out an Arduino for a project that needs to be connected to the Internet so that data can be stored off-device and the device can be controlled remotely.

I've seen that you offer a SIM and your own cloud (that can talk to other services via webhooks) which is great... however I'm curious why the SIM can only talk to your cloud?

Does the SIM not connect the device to the internet and therefore allow HTTP to theoretically any service? I'm just curious about the technology and why this is the case.. as I'm assuming that this restriction means the SIM/Device does not use HTTP?

To clarify... I'm just curious why the SIM is unable to allow HTTP to any web service if it's connecting to the internet via the cellular network GSM/3G.


Was hoping there would be more of a response to this...


This is an excellent question and would also be very interested for more information relating to this.



I believe that this is purely a business choice made by Arduino with their SIM.  The comments above are correct and there is nothing technically limiting the device from communicating anywhere it wants to ... if you use a different SIM.

I've been using Twilio SIMs with no problems.  Free account with credit on sign-up.  Minimal monthly SIM charge.  Pay as you go pricing with no commits.  You can Activate and Deactivate the SIM at any time in case you are not using it.

Shameless plug ... I work for Twilio.


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