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Hi everyone. I'm having a problem reading from my sd card. I bought a breakout board from cutedigi for the sd card


and i also bought the vs1053 breakout board from sparkfun for mp3 decoding


I set up my arduino to have the same configuration as the mp3 shield that sparkfun has


Escept for the sd card breakout board. That uses all 5v input so i did not pass the sd wires through the voltage regulator. I also used the code from the shield... basically what i am trying to do is take what i can do with the mp3 shield and integrate it into a smaller project.



The problem with that is that i can read from the sd card for the first bit of info that i need, after that the DREQ pin on the VS1053 goes high but it seems that i cannot read from the sd card again. Also when i try to reset it it doesn't let me initialize the card or the volume and the root doesn't open. I have to take the sd card out manually and put it back in while i reset the arduino, only then does it allow me to read more data, but it's still just the first part of the song. I've tried multiple sd cards and it doesn't work.

Do i have to cycle the power to the sd card? or am i missing the 10k pull-up resistors? whats the problem? can anyone please help?


Since both devices (SD and VS1053) are using the SPI hardware you may have to set up the SPI interface (Mode, Bit order, and Clock rate) each time you switch between devices.  There is a newer version of the SD library (fat16?) that does the necessary configuration.
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