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So I downloaded OSX 10.7 (aka Lion) today and everything works except the Arduino IDE.  Says it needs JavaRunTime to work and that I am not connected to the internet (when as you can see by this post I am).

Any timeline for when the OSX Arduino IDE will be Lion compatable?

I know Apple is walking away from Java with this build and not sure if this means I just need to hand install Java or not..


"To open "Arduino," you need to install a Java runtime, but you are not connected to the Internet.
To install a Java runtime later, open "Arduino" again."


I got "To open arduino you need a java runtime. Would you like to install one now?" click install.

After installing, it works fine. I'd make sure a firewall isn't blocking anything, and figure out how to fix Lion not thinking you're online. I couldn't find a direct download for java for lion online.


Well, hell...
I am only 1/2 the idiot you all think I am..
When I installed Lion today I was on the wired lan..
I was trying to run Arduino via Wireless and it was not giving me the Java install option.. only the "troubleshoot the network" option..
Went back to the wire (installed at work and am home) and it installed Java..

Go figure...

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Just installed Lion. Downloaded the Java runtime.

When I try to open Arduino IDE it says something like "PowerPc apps won't run anymore" (I have a Dutch Mac OSX install so not sure what it says in English).

Tried to reinstall the IDE didn't do the trick.

This is when the Arduino IDE is inside the applications folder. When I drag the Arduino.app (Not an alias!!) to my desktop (or other folder) it runs fine. Indeed go figure????


Yeah me too.
I got the power PC incompatibility failure after installing java. It runs fine from the disk image.
That is a huge relief in its self. I could not get Arduino IDE to work with Snow Leopard at all. I will try running it from the desktop. 


I use intelMac with MacOS 10.7. Java upgrade occurred without any problem.

I found another phenomena which pretends "without rosetta" problem. When you try to start Arduino IDE (version 0022 or 1.0beta) inside the Applications folder, you are alerted as if you are using [font=Verdana]PowerPC[/font] version of [font=Verdana]JavaApplicationStub[/font]  and then the application quits.

Two solutions are found.

1. If you change the location of Arduino IDE to your desktop, by copying or moving, the application works fine at that location, as the person above mentioned. This method is apparently good.

2. You may know that the JavaApplicationStub is included in every package of Arduino IDEs. When you double-click the JavaApplicationStub directly, you can successfully start the application itself, with a little message from Terminal application but without moving the application elsewhere. You can also make an alias of the JavaApplicationStub by the Finder to put it to your favorite location. This is a complicated method but suggestive.

I concluded that one of the Arduino-IDE-conflict with Lion is related to the file path of the JavaApplicationStub. This phenomena may or may not occur when you have more than two versions of Arduino IDE.



Another issue with Mac OS X Lion: Impossible to save sketch

Arduino IDE 0022 seems in conflict with the new features: Lion protection scheme and version management.

• What steps will reproduce the problem?

1. Launch Arduino IDE
2. Load an existing sketch
3. Edit that sketch
4. Save the sketch

The sketch is not saved because the existing file is write-protected.
This is part of the version-management introduced by Mac OS X Lion.

• What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Sketch saved

• What version of the Arduino software are you using? On what operating
system?  Which Arduino board are you using?

Arduino IDE 0022 on Mac 10.7.1
Arduino UNO

• Please provide any additional information below.

Manual solution is to edit the permission of the sketch file.

Two options: Arduino IDE next release could either include Lion's version-management or get rid of the protection scheme.

I've opened a ticket 591.


Hy there it is easier go to http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1421 as you can see lion didn't support the java runtime engine default simpli download it at the link in the post ....

Get Enjoy


Another issue with Mac OS X Lion: Impossible to save sketch

Arduino IDE 0022 seems in conflict with the new features: Lion protection scheme and version management

Stating the issue with "version management" is interesting.  Since the Java run time environment doesn't implement these Lion features, why would these be causing a problem?  Only software that can advantage of Versioning would.

While you might in fact have a permissions problem, I fail to see how it has to do with features unimplemented by the Java / Arduino IDE.

This is also the first report I have seen of someone having trouble saving in Lion.  You'd think by now at it would have come up more often if it was a widespread issue.

Lastly, why include this issue on this thread?  This thread is discussing the IDE itself not running.  You are having a permissions problem (where and how are you saving the sketches?  You aren't trying to save one of the examples, right?  Those are write-protected on purpose.)
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