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Spruce -SolidDigi STM32 ARM cortex board can be used with OpenJTAG and is compatible with mini ARM cortex-M3 board .

It can be used in GCC+Eclipse+openocd+openJtag and Arduino enviroment!

Spruce  has Arduino compatible shield pins, all the Arduino shields can be used on SolidDigi STM32 cortex board. Arduino similar IDE can be used to download Arduino code to Spruce  board.

Spruce Hardware Resources:

Including 2.4" TFT LCD Touchscreen, diamension of LCD screen
1 JTAG debug interface
1 power LED indicattor (Green), 1 status LED (Blue)
1 RS232 port, Need crossover cable to talk to PC
Support 3 pin ISP
1 USB2.0 SLAVE port
1 Micro SD(TF) slot, uses SDIO
1 2.4 inch TFT (240X320 (touch screen) ), use FSMC 16 bits interface to control
1 SPI interfaced  AT45DB161D(2M BYTES) serial FLASH
1 functional botton
1 RTC battery socket
1 RJ45 Ethernet port
All unused GPIO pins are connected to external headers.

Arduino IDE Enviroment

    In Arduino IDE enviroment, it is fully compatible with maple, and all arduino shield. The bootloader is flashed through RS232 port, and the arduino program is downloaded frm USB port. The driver of the USB port can be found at the maple IDE, which can be downloaded from: http://www.soliddigi.com/pub/SOLID_STM32/Tools/Solid-ide-0.0.11-windowsxp32.7z


Quick Start -- Spruce Arduino Bootloader Upload
Arduino IDE
IDE and bootloader source files:  http://www.github.com/soliddigi


Spruce also supports development using GCC+Eclipse+OpenOCD+OpenJTAG.


Eclipse Enviroment Setup and User Guide
Tools download
OpenJTAG on Spruce board
Sample project files


It is the new product designed and produced by Soliddigi :)

you maybe download the user guider and other information from following links:

more information, please view:

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