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Hello all,

I am working on a project for a customer where we will conduct numerous "drop-test" on the product.
I wish to measure accelerations on 2 or 3 different positions on the product and record these visually and store the values in a .csv or comma separated file format.

Expected accelerations +/-16g
Each drop test including relaxation period is between 1 and 1,5second.
I wish to record and store at a frequency of 1000Hz so as to get good resolution for post-processing of the signals/values.

I know there are multiple plug&play usb solutions for use with a PC, but these solutions are very expensive and I was thinking perhaps arduino could solve this for me. However I am fairly new to arduino and don't know about the possibilities/performance and limitations of this system.

Must have: synchronized time-stamp between the sensors, live graphing of the accelerations perhaps on a pc connected to the arduino?

Would be nice: , easy way to number or split the recordings with a simple stop/start button or similar.

Do you have any suggestions to how I can solve this?
The drop-testing will require many iterations/runs/trials and with small adjustments needed between each to adjust the impact. This requires a fast way to evaluate visually the accelerations.


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Any Arduino can sample a consumer grade accelerometer at 1000Hz, and there are a number of inexpensive accelerometers that allow that sample rate. 

You can store the data to an SD card, or send it to a PC at that rate, but doing both simultaneously with a low end Arduino may be pushing it too far.

A high end Arduino like the Teensy 3.2 could store the data from a single fall in memory, then you could do anything with it.


A 16g stop will mean that the time to stop may be very short - you need to decide if a sample rate of 1khz  ( giving a basic response time of 2mS ) is fast enough.


Synchronizing the readings may be an issue with standard accelerometers if you talk to them one at a time.
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