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I've only skim-read this thread, but it strikes me the best approach is to split the battery into several banks, use an identical Arduino-based manager for every bank, and have them report back to a central controller via opto-isolators.  That way each bank has sane/safe voltages and the system is modular and extensible.
I like this.

I'm in research phase- and why I'm reading these, wanting to build my own BMS- and not qualified to do it. Also the BMS I want hasn't been developed yet because it's too difficult for one person to do in a few years. Sucks to know what you want but not be able to make it, but know just enough to make you want to try.

My idea of BMS has very large scope of functionality- which is why I'll never be able to complete it.

1. It would accept one to many battery 'modules', of any size within reason. I was thinking 4S 38120's for 12.8. Adding new modules easy as plug in another, or remove one, or turn one on/off via program software.
2. It would support positive ID of the cell (would require some logic on battery, eeprom or something giving the module a unique guid). This adds a world of options, one can treat your favorite battery modules as gentle as a baby & hammer your old crappy modules hardest. I want my favorite module to work at .25C max, but my normal scenario might be 1C. (solar is my usage). If I unplug a module, and plug it in later, the system will recognize it. Another advantage you have extensive history on the entire life of your battery, and learn how to maximize life for power you need.
3. It would disable problematic cell needing human intervention, but allow for override via the BMS control panel.

Maybe impossible. The idea of putting all the cells in series, I don't like it because the details are lost inside. Is it not wise (or possible) to use PWM to meter out (and in) power to the load or charger? Meter out the power into a big bucket that feeds the load, it sounds simple in theory but I'm sure my thinking is like that of a child- for the experts here.

Good stuff here. If anyone can point me towards a project closest to what I want, would be forever grateful. It takes a lot of time to find the right projects & which words to search to find them (when this isn't your first language).

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