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Jul 24, 2011, 04:48 am Last Edit: Jul 24, 2011, 05:02 am by kevin_karplus Reason: 1
I've been designing a new motor shield to control up to 6 2.5A 12v motors (actually should be able to go up to 36v if I use capacitors with high enough voltage rating), and individual motors can have higher current, as long as the total doesn't exceed 15A.

It is a bit big (8cm x 10cm) because it uses all through-hole parts.  I've not built it yet (I expect the PC boards to arrive next week, and I'm now having trouble finding a distributor that has TLE-5205-2 H-bridges from Infineon in stock).  Anyone have any ideas who might have some in stock?  I thought Digi-key did when I started the project, but they were out when I went to order them. 

UPDATE: I just got a call from Digi-Key, they've been out since Sept 2010 and don't expect any in then next 18 weeks--Infineon seems to be having trouble making them. That means that probably no distributor has any.  I must have mistyped the part number when I checked a month ago, as Digi-Key does still have a few TLE-5206-2 parts in stock, though those don't have a Hi-Z state on the output, so I probably can't use them

I have some info about the shield on my blog: http://karplus4arduino.wordpress.com, but it seems like I need to redesign around a different part.  Foo!

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