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hello guys I don't know how to program. I'm level (-1) still ... kkk

I'm trying to learn some codes and I don't know anything about c. I was watching a lot of videos on youtube I found a lot of great videos I made the examples.

solve a brilliant idea of putting some code together. see below :(  :(  : smiley-confuso:


I'm getting beaten up.

board: nodemcu v3 esp8266 12F

project is classified into: making a coffee maker with 9 alarm positions, Dario or weekly and running the coffee.

1. receive one ( with this data send to the driver and sort

2. position in eeprom memory for alarms (there are nine memories) numeral from 1 to 9. eg: (1) D% (1) 80822004

3. Through the void direct to execute part of the program are: 1 Sunday, 2 Monday, 3 Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 5 Thursday, 6 Friday, 7 Saturday, 8 every day, 9 deleted from the selected memory position. .ex: (8) D% 1 (8) 0822004

4. set a time for the 08:22 alarm. ex: (0822) D% 18 (0822) 004.

5. define a quantity of coffee in 400 ml (from 100 ml in 100 ml ex: 0 = 0, 100 = 001, 200 = 002, 300 = 003 ...) eg: (004) D% 180822 (004).

6. Compare an NTP hour with an alarm, to make it work .. kkk ..

7. reply to ( daily 08:22 400ml.) Ex: D% 180822004.

8) in the alarm triggered I want to run one (empty) every 10 grams of coffee for every 100ml of water selected. 1 digital digits for coffee controlled by 1 sensor that may be in logic 1 activated because coffee will occur in 10Gr waiting for or next signal 1 from the sensor. and 1 digital digits for the water controlled by 1 sensor which is in logic 1 triggered by a water bottle in 100ml waiting or next signal 1 of the sensor.

9. a digital signal in 1 a detection led.

10. a timer multiplied by the quantity and senté ready.

thanks for your attention ... sorry for something ,,
follow the attached code


You started saying your programming level was -1, so I suggests you should start simple by following some of the
examples included in the ESP8266 package.
You can't learn programming by looking at youtube videos alone.
Your sketch is too huge for a novice.
Good luck.

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