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Hi folks,
my project with MKR1200 works perfectly around my home.

I installed the project in an area where there is a Sigfox signal coverage (https://www.sigfox.com/en/coverage), but the MKR doesn't transmit the message. when I got home, it started working again.

What could it be? can you help me?



Is the project area in the same radio configuration zone (generally; on the same continent)?

If the project area is on a different continent, that continent might use different frequencies.

If the project area is in the same radio configuration zone, the issue is probably that the coverage is insufficient.

Are you using the device indoors or outdoors? Use the coverage map at Sigfox Backend to get more detailed information on the coverage, and use the simulation for indoors if you are indoors.

If you can post the address of the project area here, we can help checking the coverage.


Hi mfalkvidd,

the project area is the same of first radio configuration. My office is in Florence (Italy) and the final project location is 200km away (same region Tuscany), outdoor near Mediterranean sea, (GPS 43.0156633,10.6691739).

thanks for your help


Yes, that position should have plenty of margin for coverage

Could it be unstable wiring or a bad connection somewhere? Insufficient power supply?


it'a very very strange...
in the same day that it wasn't work in 43.0156633,10.6691739 position, worked fine when I was back in the Florence office.

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