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I download the files from Github on my laptop. I open the file with Arduino IDe 1.8.12. When I open the file and got an error message "The library "new folder" cannot be used"  See attachment file. I could not figure this out. I didn't have any problems with other programs or files. I did google and could not find anything on this. I am sure there is a simple way to fix it. know there is a simple way to fix it. Sorry for asking this.


Do this:
  • File > Preferences
  • Note the path shown in the "Sketchbook location" preference.
  • Click the "OK" button.
  • Open the sketchbook location in File Explorer (AKA "Windows Explorer").
  • Open the "libraries" subfolder of the sketchbook folder.
  • Open the "New folder" subfolder of the sketchbook folder.
  • Determine whether there is anything important inside the "New folder" folder. If there is, move it somewhere else.
  • Delete the "New folder" folder.

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