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OK... I can't get the SD card to initialize on the MKR ENV shield on a MKR Wifi 1010 board.  I've tried everything, including running the sketch, unmodified, which is written specifically for this combination: https://www.arduino.cc/en/IoT-Prime/Experiment03.  My SD card is a ScanDisk 32MB formatted for FAT32.

I'm new to Arduino and trying to learn as I go.  Any help?  What am I missing?  Thanks!


I just gave the sketch from https://www.arduino.cc/en/IoT-Prime/Experiment03 a try with my MKR WiFi 1010 and MKR ENV Shield and it works fine for me.

When you say "I can't get the SD card to initialize", do you mean that you are seeing the message "Failed to initialize SD card!" in Serial Monitor?

Make sure you have the SD card fully inserted in the MKR ENV Shield's slot. When you have pushed the card in most of the way, it hits a "detent", which gives more resistance to inserting the card fully into the slot. That detent might make you think the card has been fully inserted when it's not.

Do you have another SD card you can try?


@pert thanks for the reply.  Yes, that's the message I see.  I've tried a couple of cards.. the first being 64 MB and the 2nd 32MB.  Is there a limit to card size?  These cards were both brand new, but I'll try another.   And, yeah, I discovered the detent and now make sure the card is in fully.

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