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Thank you for a piece of art!! It is a great library andeasy to follow.

I got it working with my code on a Uno (using it exactly as in you explanations). But if I upload the code to a Nano there is no reaction from the nano on button presses ect. The same code working on Uno, but no comms with Nano.

I see Uno is using Serial. What changes must be made in the library for it to work with Nano?


Hello McLarens,

First of all, thank you for your kind words!

There is no need for any changes to be made in order to work with NANO. I am always using NANOs and all the examples are tested on NANOs.

I do not know what could possibly is happening with your NANO. Maybe try another one. Try a common ground between Nextion and Arduino and do not power the NANO from USB when using Nextion.

Also try to not have connected the Serial pins when uploading the sketch.

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