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Hi, i bought an Arduino Starter Kit (https://store.arduino.cc/genuino-starter-kit) some time ago.
Now i 've done every project I'd like to buy something new. I caught sight of Arduino MKR IoT Bundle (https://store.arduino.cc/arduino-mkr-iot-bundle) but I think I have most of the material present in the bundle because I found them in the starter Kit.
Should I buy the hole Bundle or just some part of it? If no, which component do I miss and where can i find them?

Thanks for your help.


The components the MKR IoT bundle has, which your Starter Kit does not (with purchase links):
  • Arduino MKR1000
  • Micro USB cable - chances are you already have one of those, but if not you'll need one for the MKR1000 (it uses a different USB cable than the one for the Uno you got with your starter kit.



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