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Topic: Person-Following Robot using UNO, Two IR Sensors, Two Motors, and L298N (Read 256 times) previous topic - next topic


I am working on a group project for university and we were tasked to build and program a person following robot using the Uno board, two IR sensors, two motors, and the H-Bridge model number L298N. We were never taught how to program arduino in this class, so we were REALLY hoping for guidance, as we have no clue what we are doing (we tried tutorials and we were able to make a motor spin, that's about it). If anyone has done this program before, and is willing to share, we would very much appreciate it!


Forget the Arduino programming for a sec, and describe to yourselves (and the group ;) ) in plain language how it would work.

Describe /chart the logic flow, along the lines of "if *this* sensor says *foo* and *that* sensor says *bar* then make motor1 go *yadda* and motor2 go *fishpaste*; but if *this* sensor says *blah* etc etc". I'm sure you get the idea.

You can know every command in the C++ textbook and all the Arduino functions: that won't help if you don't have a scheme for how it will work.

IMO, anyway.


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