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I have a remote car, you know the one with the four yellow wheels.

And I would to make it avoid obstacles.

I put on it this sensor: Vl53l0x  and is working cool but it crash sometimes when the obstacle is not directly facing the sensor.

So the question is, what sensor do you guys recommend?????


Sure I have seen that car with the yellow wheels;


Controling that car with a remote is probably an advanced project, what is your experience with Arduino and electronics ?

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The Vl53l0x is a distance measuring device and has a very narrow field of view as you have found.
You could put more of the Vl53l0x on your car, each looking at a different angle, and scan each in succession.
However you can't easily change their I2C addresses to get more than one on the I2C bus.
(It can be doe with added hardware or using extra pins without changing addresses)

You could use a couple of ultrasonic units.

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