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I have a Arduino Uno, i dont know the bootloader version, i got the board off of ebay brand new a couple months back, worked find for a while, then i started having issues were the arduino would forget the sketch, then i started having issues with the reset button, i would have to press the reset button every time i turned on the arduino for it to load the sketch, and now the reset button wont even reset the arduino, what is wrong, and how do i fix it, i only have one arduino, and if i have to, i will order a new atmel chip for it from ebay, but i dont have the funds to buy a new arduino.


i got the board off of ebay brand new a couple months back

Pictures of the exact board you own might help.  It is pretty common for low-quality Arduino boards to be sold on eBay.
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You can check if the reset signal is changing when you press the reset button by using a multimeter to test the voltage at the reset pin (pin 1 of the IC) - top left corner near the notch. Measure the voltage between it and ground. It should be at 5V normally going to 0V when the button is depressed.

That would at least tell you if the switch is working or not.

One fault that would probably lead to the symptoms you have (i.e. no automatic reset when programming) is the switch failing to a short.

A better compromise than the really cheap boards from China are the named closes like the Roboduino and Freeduino. I have a few of these and have not had any trouble with them.
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