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This is what I had been trying to do and I made it.

If you ever wanna give it a try , use your PC to control a RC Toy , this can be a good example for you.

So , the target is : Use a PC to control a RC Car

My example is , I wrote a program which can handle the gamepad windows event then send
the signal to Arduino.     Then Arduino generates appropriate voltage to control the Radio Controller of
a RC Car.

Feel free to have a look and let me know how do you think.


Um...  You forgot to include the code or a link to it. :\
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Just saw this post.

I had an idea to turn a big remote control tank into a cheap video camera/DSLR dolly using computer controlled movement of the tank for precise travel over time.

The camera would be attached to the turret for 360° rotation and the tank tracks provide the forward/back movement.

Is there a way the computer can be used to key in distinct instructions so the tank can travel/rotate etc in a precise manner over a period of time from 2 minutes up to 6+ hours for example?

I'm trying to find a cheap way to create timelapses like shown on timescapes website.

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