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SO i bought an arduino 250 for a project, this is about the 4th time ive used it, now during some trial and error programming fro a sensor, the chord which never flet quite right as it was plugged in has completely stopped responding,
The mega still has the onlight shining, and the led marked l, still flases twice when i plug it in but my computer nor the program respond to the arduino.

is it a fault that i should send it back fro or is it un fixable.

During the programming but after it started to mess up, but when it was still able to get some signal, i accidently told it to install a new/ different bootloader, and the arduino forze ( not sure which one) but since then i only got the arduino to respond once.

Any help is much appreciated especially if it will stop me breaking a door, and save me another $70


Hello there is a tuturial how to put the mega in DFU mode and upload the bootloader again.
See this it will help you with the mega too
Arduino Mega 2560
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Arduino Duemilanove
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