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I just purchased a MKR GSM 1400 in a kit with the antenna and Arduino SIM card directly from the Arduino Store.  I am going through the online setup process and everything went fine until it tried to connect to the cellular network.  I got the error shown in the attached screenshot.

I inserted the SIM card, activated it, and used the login credential provided in the activation confirmation email.

Also, I connected both the USB so the test sketch can upload AND I connected a 5V 2A power source to the VIN terminal to provide enough power for the radio during transmission. I monitored the VIN voltage with a multimeter and normally it is 5.01V but for a brief period during the GSM connection test it went down to 4.98V.  I'm not sure if that's enough to cause a failed test?

Location: Alberta, Canada

Any trouble shooting tips?



Hi Clubbrug, Have managed to solve your issue? I am enoutnering the same too..




I read somewhere that it is recommended to keep a LiPo battery attached to the device at all times. I believe they have high current capabilities... the reason they cause fires... but it would also mean they could "cover" short term, high current, demand spikes.

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