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Thankyou for your reply,

but buck converter doesn't provide the 7.5Amps. We need 7.5Amps for servos.


You can get buck converters that provide a lot more than 7.5A. E.g. if you search for "buck converter 10A" or "buck converter 20A" you will find loads of them.

You can't expect to be spoon fed everything. Put some effort in yourself.



can you please tell me its name. i can't find it on internet.
The link takes you to Hobby King's page, where the title is

YEP 20A HV (2~12S) SBEC w/Selectable Voltage Output

I assume that YEP is the manufacturer.
SBEC is the name for a Switching Battery Elimination Circuit.

Is that the info you needed?

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