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Topic: A light with the consume of a LED but with the brightness of a Incandescent one. (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I'm working on an appliance-related with social distancing enablement solutions, and I need some kind of light that can be seen at the sun of the street.

Another requirement is that the light shall be of very low consumption because of the appliance must be feed with 4 batteries of 1.5volts.

In the current design, I have high lighting led with inserted into a table-tennis ball. This works in the main of the circumstances but, at the street and with the sun in front, is not sufficient to know if the light is enlighted at one meter of distance or more.

Did anyone know any solution to this problem?:
A light with the consume of a Led but with the brightness of an incandescent light?


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If I don't get any better response, I think this can be a good idea. Thanks.


Also, use green color ... human eye sensitivity curve is at maximum in the zone of green light wavelenght ;)
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