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Weekly Update #5

1.) Building Makefile for Arduino Preprocessor.

2.) Learning how to use LibClang.

3.) Working on Micropython Symbol table.

4.) Studying the Arduino Core API


My project mentors asked me to open an issue or make a PR if I saw any discrepancy in the documentation/code in the course of my project work. Keeping that in mind, I opened the following issues and made a few PR's.

1.) Arduino- AVR core Readme: Unlike the Arduino SAMD core, the AVR core did not have a readme file with some basic details about the content. So I opened an issue: Issue #349 and made the following PR: PR #350

2.) Fixed a small typo in Arduino SAMD readme: https://github.com/arduino/ArduinoCore-samd/pull/533

3.) Arduino Language Reference: The 'Bits and Bytes' section did not have code examples and notes, and in one case the return value was incorrect. I opened the issue: https://github.com/arduino/reference-en/issues/748

and made the following PR's:




I will surely be doing more of this alongside my project work if the PRs meet Arduino's standards.


Weekly Update #6

Tasks accomplished:

1.) Built basic program to parse Clang textual output. Identifies various programming constructs like punctuators, variables, literals etc.

2) Program compiled with Arduino Core (Hardware Independent version). Stuff like LED_BUILTIN is still broken. Have to come up with replacements for arduino specific keywords that Clang can parse, then translate to micropython.

Tasks ongoing:

1.) Building program that contains references to arduino specific keywords, to get a proper parse tree.

2.) Building a simple preprocessor tool that removes #include directives, because that is giving me problems.



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