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I've probably damaged one of my ATM 328 chips. I get an error message whatever sketch is loaded. Mounted in my (disconnected) UNO R3 board the resistance from 5V to Gnd is about 190 ohms, whereas an OK chip is about 1670 K ohms.

Could re-bootloading it be fruitful?



It sounds as though you comparing those DIL chips mounted in a socket that you can swap out, in which case if there is physical measurable damage to the chip then re-flashing the bootloader is not likely to help.


Thanks BitSeeker, I thought it was a long shot! Into the bin then.


Yeah, pitch it - 160 ohm resistance? Probably you thrashed an I/O pin hard, and now both the high and low side drivers are blown (failure mode is that they are "stuck on").

Review the schematic for your project before connecting everything back up if you don't know what mistake you made that did that damage

(what did you do, put non-current-limited AC in excess of Vcc onto an I/O pin?!)

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