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Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to control the volume of a program (for example Discord) with an Arduino Pro Micro.

The intention is to lower or raise the volume of only one program without affecting the overall volume.

Thanks in advance. Greetings.


The easiest way to control programs running on your computer using a Pro Micro is by emulating keyboard shortcuts. This is dependent on the keyboard shortcut control interface the specific program you're trying to control provides. Another issue is that typically a program will only recognize keyboard shortcuts when it has focus.

If you can't achieve your goal by using keyboard shortcuts directly, you'll need to have a helper program running on your computer that receives the communication from the Arduino board and then takes the desired actions. There is an example of an Arduino board being used to control the volume of individual programs running on a computer here:
The helper program running on the computer in that project is controlled by serial communication from the Arduino board, so it doesn't require the keyboard emulation capabilities of the Pro Micro, but the Pro Micro can be used in that manner too.

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