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I just received my MKR WAN 1300 and decided to run a simple LoRa test.

The device refused to start LoRa at 433MHz.

Arduino's website advertises 433MHz support but I discovered that the
Murata LoRa chip they use has no support for 433MHz only 800-900MHz.

Am I missing something here?



I am not at all familiar with the MKR series.

However LoRa devices are almost exclusivly single band only.

Whilst the Semtech LoRa device itself can operate from 137Mhz to 1020Mhz, the device needs antenna matching components added to make the LoRa device operate correctly. These matching components are bad specific, so your typical LoRa module would be for the 433Mhz band only, the 869Mhz band only or the 915Mhz band only. etc.
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Thanks srnet.

Arduino sent an antenna with the Arduino, but there was no information on what
frequency it may have been tuned for...

Regardless, after extensive tests I can see that this MKR WAN 1300 is not able to
operate at 433MHz.

Am returning it.

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