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I tried to search on the possibilities of controlling an arduino via firmata from the PC to activate/deactivate Pins via Keyshortcuts or makros.

Let's say you want to control a 8 Port Relay via an arduino, and want it to toggle or switch (depending on the setup) with key combinations from the computer.

So far, i just have seen that this could only be done using linux based systems with a custom python script. I am not much of a programmer when it comes to userland of OS, so i am a bit lost.
I am sure someone wanted to do that, but i can't find it :-)
I would like to know if this exists already for Windows, maybe if there is, also for linux.

The background about this is for a cnc mill; usually the breakout boards have 2 possible outputs to control something beside the axies. Only one output if you use 4 axies.

So i like to manipulate a tool changer, compressed air blowdown to clean the part after cycles, and toggle the coolant individually.

I can also see that for other things interesting, such as automation of other things:

If one can manage it over a key combination, i can also funnel it via voicebot, and control things with speech.

Thank you for any input


i've found out that a client interface exists for the protocol called "SolidSoils4Arduino"
This is based on C# and thus, voicebot could activate macros over that way maybe.

voicebot does not necessarily need a voice input, you can also map keystrokes and combinations of it, thus making it possible to send over this whatever i want. the software runs in the background and so there is no need for a key capture or middleware. i can issue the commands from keyboard (hopefully) directly this way.
i will try this then

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