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Topic: possible to preform VIO from two cameras/imu's on a dual-core esp32? (Read 203 times) previous topic - next topic


Like the title says, I want to take in the synchronised data from two NXP breakout boards and two Ueye 1220LE Cameras, and use VIO to fuse their data and get positions for both setups. Alot of people have suggested running things like SLAM, which is simmilar to VIO, on something stronger than an arduino, some specifically suggested using a version of a raspi.

Now, I know that raspi's are stronger than an esp-32, but esp-32's are stronger than arduino's, and since raspi's are more expensive than an esp-32 and I need wifi capabilities, before I bought a raspi, I was wondering If it would be possible to preform this on my dual core esp-32. And if the raspi wasnt overkill and I needed all the processing power I could get, what version should I use? the zero? The 3.0? The 4.0? Do let me know. Thank you all. =)

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