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Hello All,

This is a PSA of sorts - I've seen quite a bit of activity on the net about installing new tools and then have them quit working, compiles failing, drivers seemingly going bad, etc.

I received my Portenta in the mail rather recently and had a myriad of issues occur in getting new tools installed, builds to work, drivers to function, etc. - and the root cause for all of this was:

----<><><><><><> M$ OneDrive <><><><><><>----

So, don't let OneDrive go anywhere near any of these tools or be 'in charge' of any directories that have anything to do with any of the tools - especially the new Portenta stuff.  Also - this is where the "Documents" directory issue popped up for me on one of my machines.

As soon I as 'unlinked' OneDrive with my dev PC's - all of the issues I was having went away.

I had a similar issue years ago with Carbonite - these tools are made for file back ups and vaults - and don't behave for something like a code repo or a place where files are being read/written/changed on a regular basis like someone doing development with the Arduino tools.

Not sure why M$ seems to sneak attack some of these file areas so to speak - but my git repo works just fine and OneDrive is yet another M$ tool that has no business going anywhere near anything that has to do with code/firmware development.

I spent quite a bit of time on this - more than I want to admit - hence this PSA and hope's it'll save someone some time.

I'd like to say maybe not all of the above verbage needs to be in a 'sticky' in this forum - but maybe there should be the beginnings of a FAQ:

*)  I installed new tools, and they quit - what's wrong?
     a)  Do you have OneDrive running ANYWHERE on your machine?....

Hope this helps,
John W.

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