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Aug 12, 2011, 04:56 pm Last Edit: Aug 13, 2011, 02:19 pm by Guglio Reason: 1
First sorry for my bad english  :smiley-roll-sweat: !!
This is mine and superlol's project: ArduMAP!
In this map, users can join (obviously for free) and maybe find out that their neighbor is an electronics addict!
I hope you'll like it!

Link: ArduMAP
Now you can login and change your flag (Wales, England, Ireland ecc)

For sign up you need your userid (not username), to find it you have to go into your profile and look at the URL: (like in photo, mine is 25746)

ArduMAP is still in beta, so please tell me any bug or suggestion!!
ArduMAP: La mappa degli utenti del Forum Arduino


What have you put as USERID?   :smiley-roll-sweat: :smiley-roll-sweat:
Your is 39610

Edit: I've just tried to register with your userid (39610) and it works..
ArduMAP: La mappa degli utenti del Forum Arduino


Yeah, you are right, it's not obvious but when you click on somebody in the map you get a box with a link to the profile; the link is structured in this way: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=USERID.html  and I have not found a way to get the userid from username!
Instead it's really simple to get username from userid cause the script goes into the profile and reads the username from the page!

I hope it's the only part of the program difficult to use!
ArduMAP: La mappa degli utenti del Forum Arduino


Aug 12, 2011, 06:05 pm Last Edit: Aug 12, 2011, 06:11 pm by Guglio Reason: 1
In this way there would be another problem: with only the username I have no way to verify if the user is actually registered to the forum and I do not want annoying people to fill the map with fake users!
ArduMAP: La mappa degli utenti del Forum Arduino


hi all  :P

this is the first time i reply in the international forum so be clements with my english  XD

i'm the co-founder of the map based on the google maps' apis.

it's a simple map wich takes datas from a MySQL database and use them for adding a code line to the javascript part wich adds a "flag" on the map.

i know it's not a perfect soluton (for slow computers) but we didn't find another way for do what we wanted.

as you can see it's still a beta relase, (the 4th or 5th if we think about the italian only versions) so be patient.

we're searching for translators, langages are now only 7 as the arduino.cc forum international sections.

now on the map you:

  • add your position

  • add event with a short description and a link to the webpage or the forum's thread with more informations

  • choose your language (for now italian and english, i'm working on german relase)

  • see if someone's got arduino near you and having a beer with him  ;)

hope you enjoy it.

for problems, bugs report or translating you can contact me or Guglio  ;)


Cool idea. Thanks for making it.
Some people in the US (or other English speaking countries) may not like the UK flag to designate our language. Some of us were colonies of England 100s of years ago. :-)

i know and i'm sorry about it but i didn't know wich flag use.. american guy (and australian) will have a own flag.

i said be patient, making a flag (.gif file) is simple, adding a language not so much  ;)


We in the UK would also like the former colonies to have their own flags.  Whatever they claim to speak, it's no longer english!  ;)


my user ID (33145) yields "Username doesnt exist!" when I attempt to login


Oops!  I figured out that I had to register first, now it works.


I think I'll remove the flags cause you are complicating my life!!
I've added the USA flag on "select language menu"
And now you can login and change your flag (there's also wales and blabla..)
ArduMAP: La mappa degli utenti del Forum Arduino


Worked fine for me just now.

Neat idea... thanks.

And thank you for not demanding a bunch of information which you do not need!


Worked fine for me just now.

Neat idea... thanks.

And thank you for not demanding a bunch of information which you do not need!

we think you only have to give us userid and you city, it's enough for a flag on the map.

password are hashed so no cracker, source code will be soon ready for sharing  ;)

as i said before there are some php script.

in the event creation page when you want to place an event, after you inserted the city in the box you have to press check so longitude and latitude will be generated, it could happen it doesn't work well, if this happens click "check" again, it's a ajax bug i'm trying to fix (when you press check the ajax call for a page wich returns the longitude or the latitude and may happen these are not generated enough fast)


Aug 14, 2011, 09:31 pm Last Edit: Aug 14, 2011, 09:55 pm by superlol Reason: 1

Your filters for "Show only users of:  America - Europa - Asia" are not working correctly.
If I click on "America" nothing in the western hemisphere is shown. Only one event in Riva del Garda, Italy.
And when I click on "Asia", I see everyone in America plus the event in Riva del Garda, but nothing in Asia.

that "plugin" has been inserted by Guglio for don't show all the flags. i mean if i'm in italy i don't want to see the american people wich makes more javascript and slows the machine, but if i want i can simply do it by clicking that link. i think Guglio didn't make a good work  :P
i try to fix them now.

fixed, simply wrong coordinates ;) added the continent support to the events too


Aug 15, 2011, 12:06 pm Last Edit: Aug 15, 2011, 12:08 pm by superlol Reason: 1

fixed, simply wrong coordinates  added the continent support to the events too

Fixed for members. Still broken for events.

"Doh!" cit.  =(

Fixed... (i forgot a bracket =( )

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