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May 07, 2020, 03:13 pm Last Edit: May 07, 2020, 03:15 pm by finleyfin
I scavanged this LED ring from an old smart lightbulb. It got R, G, B, C, C+ and VCC connectors.
Does someone know how to connect this thing to an Arduino?
I also have the microcontroller with the antenna from the lightbulb with additional TX, RX, W, RST, 3V3, GND, IO0 and IO2 pins.
And theres a capacitor that was I suppose connected to GND and VCC that says 35v220µF (But maybe I'm wrong. That capacitor is just directly next to the GND and VCC pins of the microcontroller on the circuit board that was connected to AC)


Do you just want to control the lamp itself or do you want to control the antenna which in turn controls the lamp?



If you have various power sources, try to power the lamp with varying voltages starting with 3 V. Figure out the voltage needed for a bright light. It might need more than 12 V due to resistors. If you don't have enough voltage in your power sources, replace the resistors with smaller ones until you know the voltage and the current needed for bright light. Convert everything to whatever voltage you will use, say 5V. Calculate the needed resistors. Get some logic level transistors to feed the lamp.

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I haven't looked at your pictures, but the IO0 and IO2 tells me it's an ESP8266 - you can flash that one with Arduino.

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