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Take a look at the stepper driver motor boards here.
0.6 inch x 0.8 inch, vs your motor diameter of 66mm, or 2.6 inch.

If you can find a way to wire up 8 transistors to make up 2 H-bridges in a small space
https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/drv8834.pdf  - see page 11
then go for it.
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so if there is any safe way to control a stepper without a driver, please let me know.

There isn't! On one side you have your microcontroller outputting the signals for the steppermotor. The maximum current for the signals is some 20 to 40 mA. On the other side you have your hungry motor wanting to swallow hundreds or thousands of mA.

You might find a microcontroller that can output thousands of mA, but in that case it has a built in driver.

Instead of buying a driver, you might connect some mosfets and diodes to read your signals from the microcontroller and further handle the current to the motor. But in that case you have built your own driver.

It just happens that there are lots of example projects for beginners, where you can connect a LED or even a tiny motor directly to the signal pins of a microcontroller. Each of these examples should have a warning text: This example is only for demonstrating how to program the logic. In any real world application you should not power anything with the signal pins. Use transistors or drivers inbetween, instead.

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