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Topic: Portenta H7 not showing up under USB Controllers (as Portenta but as Generic) (Read 147 times) previous topic - next topic


I have followed the guidance provided in this post


While I can download the device by using com4 I do not see the device as the Portenta H7 (in the USB Controllers)  as indicated by the setting up tutorial.

I do however see windows recognize the device as "Envie M7" in normal mode and as "Envie M7 Bootloader" in boot mode.

In the Ardunio CLI the boards are not detected even though the mbed core is installed (See Screen Shot)

running the driver installer (pointed at as part of the post-install script dpinst-amd64) the script appears to run but the device is still appearing as generic but if you attempt to point the generic port to the portenta7.inf (Update the driver for that device using the "I have a disk and pointing to the portenta.inf) you get an error (See Screen Shot) (which is the file referenced in the post-install.bat)

could this inf be missing the section that "allows" that inf to be used?

Windows 10.01.19041
Classic Arduino IDE 1.8.13

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