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My first post. Hope it's in the correct topic..........
I've built a simple midi controller with 4 pots (working great) and 4 buttons (not working). This is my code:

//This is the 4 pot version, buttons not working yet

int v4 = 4;
int v4_ = 4;
int v3 = 3;
int v3_ = 3;
int v2 = 2;
int v2_ = 2;
int v1 = 1;
int v1_ = 1;
int threshold = 2;
int int_to_midi_ratio = 1024 / 128;
void SendMidiToSerial (unsigned char word0, unsigned char word1, unsigned char word2) {
void setup () {
void loop () {
  v4 = analogRead(4) / int_to_midi_ratio;
  v3 = analogRead(3) / int_to_midi_ratio;
  v2 = analogRead(2) / int_to_midi_ratio;
  v1 = analogRead(1) / int_to_midi_ratio;
  if (v4 - v4_ >= threshold || v4_ - v4 >= threshold) {
    v4_ = v4;
    SendMidiToSerial(176, 44, v4);
    if (v3 - v3_ >= threshold || v3_ - v3 >= threshold) {
    v3_ = v3;
    SendMidiToSerial(176, 43, v3);
      if (v2 - v2_ >= threshold || v2_ - v2 >= threshold) {
    v2_ = v2;
    SendMidiToSerial(176, 42, v2);
  if (v1 - v1_ >= threshold || v1_ - v1 >= threshold) {
    v1_ = v1;
    SendMidiToSerial(176, 41, v1);

Looking for a way to get the buttons to do something, anything!!! I've tried to blend two lots of code but I get errors. Thanks in advance


Have a look at the StateChangeDetecion example code so you only do something when the button BECOMES pressed not over and over while it stays pressed. Basically change the "buttonPushCounter++;" to your SendMidiToSerial with whatever parameters you decide...I can't really help you there.

BTW most discussion of MIDI is in the Audio forum, presumably because the description includes "using MIDI". But you're fine here, no problem.




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