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I am not knocking the advice i have had in any way, As i say i am very happy to get the parts solder and fit as need etc its the coding i just well i cant..... I am more than happy to meet up once i have the bits if i need any other bits then i will get as i say I have  some bits waiting on others you kindly mentioned an amp ? I need and UNo or nano whichever it better i will get ?

Thank You



Uno or Nano are equally capable. Nano is smaller though, so probably better for a costume.

How many individual LEDs in your neopixels do you plan on altogether?


Uno is fine a a learning tool but the connectors make it a poor choice for a finished project. A Nano is better for that reason.

I think I'm happy to help but want to know more about what you have; by which I mean see it, at least some photos.


Promini is even better. Plug on an FTDI Basic for programming, remove when done to conserve battery life.
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