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Hi all,

I am tinkering to build a thermometer with the ESP8266.
Since the goal is to run it on a battery and the measurements do not have to be in realtime I want to let the controller sleep between measurements.
For this reason I need to store a few values in the RTC memory, but out of the four variables I want to save only two are stored.

Code: [Select]

#include <Wire.h>
#include <Adafruit_SHT31.h>
Adafruit_SHT31 sht31 = Adafruit_SHT31();

typedef struct data {      //stting up the variables to be stored
  float x;
  float y;
  int i  = 0;
  unsigned int magic = 0;

data RTCdata;

int counter;

void setup() {


  Serial.println(RTCdata.magic, HEX);   //debugging Statement to check if the magic bytes were written correctly
  ESP.rtcUserMemoryRead(65, (uint32_t*) &RTCdata, (sizeof(data)));

  if(RTCdata.magic == 1) {                //if the magic bytes are set, do a few things differently

    (ESP.rtcUserMemoryRead(65, (uint32_t*) &RTCdata, (sizeof(data)));

  } else {

    ESP.rtcUserMemoryRead(65, (uint32_t*) &RTCdata, (sizeof(data)));
    RTCdata.magic = 1;


Serial.print("i: ");
Serial.println(RTCdata.i);       //another debugging output

  if (RTCdata.i >= 5) {          //if the code was executed 5 times or more reset the display fully
    Serial.println("Updating display...");
    display.fillRect(0, 0, GxEPD_HEIGHT, GxEPD_WIDTH, GxEPD_WHITE);
    RTCdata.i = 0;

  Wire.begin(5, 12);

  float t = sht31.readTemperature();
  float phi = sht31.readHumidity();       //reading the temperature and humidity

  if (RTCdata.x != t) {
    counter = 1;
    RTCdata.x = t;

  if (RTCdata.y != phi); {
    UpdateDisplayHydro(phi);              //if any of the values differ from the last measurement write the new
    counter = 1;                          //value to the display and set a flag
    RTCdata.y = phi;

  if(counter == 1){                      //if any part of the display was updated increase the loop count

  ESP.rtcUserMemoryWrite(65, (uint32_t*) &RTCdata, sizeof(&RTCdata));


  Serial.print("Temp = ");
  Serial.print("Hydro = ");
  Serial.print("Loop Nr = ");               //outputting all the variables supposed to be stored in the RTC memory       
  Serial.print("Magic = ");
  Serial.println(RTCdata.magic, HEX);

  ESP.deepSleep(5e6, WAKE_RF_DISABLED);


So as you can see, I have quite a few debugging outputs, and while I would expect something like

0 if it's the first run, otherwise 1
i: (value of i)

Temp = 23.97
Hydro = 38.40
Loop Nr = (value of i++)
Magic = 1

I instead get

i: -262042446

Temp = 23.97
Hydro = 38.40
Loop Nr = -262042445
Magic = A588B3B1

So it seems like RTCdata.magic and RTCdata.i don't get written properly to memory.
Does anybody know, what causes this to happen?

Also in the first if-statement
Code: [Select]
if(RTCdata.magic == 1) {

    ESP.rtcUserMemoryRead(65, (uint32_t*) &RTCdata, (sizeof(data)));

  } else {

    ESP.rtcUserMemoryRead(65, (uint32_t*) &RTCdata, (sizeof(data)));
    RTCdata.magic = 1;


 the program seems to ignore the statement and the value of the variable completely and just defaults into the else-state no matter the state of the variable.
There is another bit of code in the else-statement through which I can tell, but which I don't want to post here because it is not relevant to any of the other problems.
Does anybody know what is happening here?
Thanks in advance



Jul 01, 2020, 10:55 am Last Edit: Jul 01, 2020, 11:11 am by wondward
That's because the area 65 is probably used by the system,you should choose a vacant  address,like 6400(the  total space is 8K).

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