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Hi guys,

I'm posting this to get advices from you. I am currently working on a project that needs an lcd screen with a reasonable resolution. I don't really need it to be a touchscreen, just to be big enough to display a lot of infos (5" would be perfect). The problem is that I only have 1 month and a half to work on it so I'd like to find a screen with a good library for the DUE and as easy as possible to connect with it in order to save as much time as I can.

I looked for topics and searched online for the perfect display but couldn't find it so maybe one of you has experience on the DUE paired with an lcd display.
I did memorize few displays such as FT813, CLEO50 and stuff but still couldn't take a decision...

Thank you for your time.


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It seems to me that the Cleo35 and Cleo50 displays are designed for arduino UNO, the arduino MEGA could work as well.

If you are looking for a screen with fewer complications you could go for a gameduino 3, or a gameduino 3x. They work well on the arduino due. They are full coverage shield type.

A combination with great power would be NHD-35 with STM32F103C8, few pins but good performance. Another compact option could be M4-DEMO or any F407 board with NHD-35 or NHD-43, NHD-50.

In the top of power you could go straight for a teensy 4 or 4.1, with NHD-43 or NHD-50

Teensy 4/NHD-35

Library: GD23ZUTX


Thanks a lot for your help! I really need to work on the DUE so I might go for the gameduino but it's sad because it's not buyable on the website I have to use..

I would like to get thoughts on the FT813 if anybody used it on an arduino DUE :)


To fully use an FT813 on arduino Due ... requires several elements to be successful:

- TFT FT813 with 20-pin flat cable connector with 0.5mm spacing
- 20-pin flat cable with 0.5mm spacing
- Riverdi shield for FT81x (yes or yes!)
- An external EEPROm like 24FC512 or 24LC512 to store the touch-vector
- A microSD memory such as SanDisk Ultra 32 Gb (without formatting, we can use it directly as it comes from the factory)
- GD23X library. This version of the gameduino library can work with FT813 screens like the Riverdi 5 "(RVT50UQFNWC000)

The direct connection to the SPI bus using prototype cables requires the use of very very short cables, which make correct screen management impossible. With the shield, you have the advantage of having a microSD reader and that you can continue using the free pins around the shield.

That combination is slow in loading multimedia: jpg, png, avi. However, the performance when that information is already in the GRAM of the screen, is handled smoothly


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A small test for loading jpg images:

Arduino due + 5" TFT Riverdi

Teensy 4.1 + 5" TFT Riverdi



Thank you very much for those information!

I am bound to the arduino DUE on this project so this will help me a lot!

I don't intend using the touch part of the ft813 so is the external EEPROm like 24FC512 or 24LC512 a must have still?

Moreover, I don't intend loading any pictures or else on the screen so I guess the SD card isn't a must have too am I right?

Finally, what's the use of the 20-pin flat cable connector with 0.5mm spacing ? Can't the screen work with any other wiring ? (That's just for my own personnal culture)



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If you do not want to use the touch panel, you can skip the EEPROM.

The shield is the best way to control the issue of voltages and currents between the arduino due and the FT813. You can do without the microSD card.

There are several manufacturers of FT81x screens, in each case there are multiple wiring options. It would be a good time for you to share the link of the screen you have in mind. From there we can start to suggest if it is feasible to use it in the due and know which will be the best wiring.

You just have to be careful in investigating the logic of voltage that the screen uses to work. There are versions that only work on 5V AVR boards.


Ok I'm starting to understand the use the shield.

For the screen, I was thinking of the ME813A-WH50C (or the ME813AU-WH50C, don't really know which is best for my use) from Bridgetek since they are available on the seller I have to buy from.

Thanks again for you help!


Came across this Smart LCD Module, pretty interesting concept. It pretty much encapsulates the whole display and touch duties. Host MCU just needs to use simple serial commands to control what to display. You can draw out your interface, and pre-stored it in the LCD module. No more pixel programming.

worthy to take a look... https://www.topwaydisplay.com/blogs/smart-lcd-introduction


Interesting device indeed. The thing is I have to use the arduino DUE for my project and thus I think sticking to "regular" lcd display is a better choice for me. Nevertheless thank you for your help, appreciated.

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