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Oh, yes, I did not realized, that you intend to use the Arduino Due. Indeed, I2C is not supported for the Due at the moment (see also the remarks below the table on the device wiki page)

I am sorry for this,


OK, Thanks for that Oliver. Just to clarify, I2C on Due not supported by U8Glib or not supported by Due at all?. Thanks.



Not supported by U8glib. Arduino Due of course can talk to I2C devices.



I think your display really has a SH1106 controller. It is similar, but not identical to the SSD1306.
1. Locate file u8g_dev_ssd1306_128x64.c
2. Find line 183:
Code: [Select]
  0x000, /* set lower 4 bit of the col adr to 4  */

3. Change this to
Code: [Select]
  0x004, /* set lower 4 bit of the col adr to 4  */

Hi Oliver, i bought a spi oled 128x32 SSD1306 with only GND,VCC,DIN,CLK,DC pins, i have no idea how to wiring it


If you guy bought oled .096 inch cheap version from china which does not have CS instead it has 6 pins:
GND - VCC - SCL - SDA - RST - D/C, it may be SPI, not I2C (thats why its cheap)

Using with Nano V3, pls use following connections (hope this help):

         3.3v - Sclk - Mosi - rst - d/c
                -  10  -   9    - 13 -  11

Pin 12 is CS but this oled does not have CS so leave it.

Shoud work when you try default adafruit graphic SSD1306 example.




Hi guys, I have been playing around with the HELTEC OLED with the pinout:


the back says HELTEC and there is a Fire Nation logo or something like that. Anyways, I used a fiberglasss brush to scrape away the soldermask and expose the traces. I then reproduced the this board as an integrated part of a school project. but when I soldered everything together I am seeing some distortion in the first 3/4 of the screen. Notably there seems to be every other line missing. The bottom 1/4 of the screen is coming in fine. I will post a picture.

can anyone tell me what is going on here? could this be related to noise?

Also if anyone has the circuit diagram for this screen I would really appreciate if you would post it. I've got a few hundred hours into this project already.


i have a ssd1306 i2c both of them works w/ olikraus/u8g2 examples except for page buffer which do work w/ any and i tried ThingPulse/esp8266-oled-ssd1306 examples it works fine with red one but not w/ green pls help !!



There seem to be a wide range of OLED displays .This model uses a 3V3 LDO Regulator on the pcb.


I would be much happier with a photo of the pcb.    One blank screen looks much like another.

However,  it "looks" like a 1.3 inch panel.   And the printing is unusual.    Most 7-pin boards say:
Code: [Select]

GND  VCC  SCK  SDA RES  DC  CS  ... common boards
GND  VCC  CLK MOSI RES SDC SCS  ... your board.

I suspect that most 1.3 inch are SH1106.   And most 0.95 inch are SSD1306.
A rear view of the screen would be much more useful.
The thread title says "but without CS".   Your board definitely has CS.

Try the SH1106 examples.   Remove the plastic film with Red tab.



Hallo David

I did send 2 attachments but for some reason only the front pic went thru.

Yes it works with the SD1106.


The size is just above 2meg,lets try this see if pdf will go thru .


Yes,  it looks like SH1106.

When you attach photos,  you should reduce the size to a few 100kB.
Obviously a genuine text PDF document is already compressed as far as possible without losing information.

Hence you can't attach whole ARM datasheet PDFs.    But need to link to an external host.

Note that the SH1106 can't do the SSD1306 scroll functions.
But it can display regular text and graphics.   And 1.3 inch is easier to read than 0.96 inch.


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