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I want to activate Adruino Uno with version 1.8.13 on Windows 10, but I cannot choose the port. It does not enable any options . How to solve the issue?


Start by looking in device manager; when you connect an Arduino Uno, you should see a (new) serial port. If not, check for any (new) yellow exclamation marks (e.g. under "other devices").

If you have a clone with CH340 USB-to-TTL converter, you need to install the driver.
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Regarding the title "Tool/Serial Port does not appear only Tools/Port", there is no such thing as a "Tool/Serial Port" menu. Perhaps you are reading a tutorial somewhere that got the menu name wrong (or maybe it was named like that many years ago?).

Once you get your board correctly connected and configured, you will see its serial port listed under the Tools/Port menu (which will no longer be grey and disabled). You can achieve that by following @sterretje's excellent advice.


On windows 10 some installations HIDE the COM & LPT ports.
Enable "Show hidden devices" in device manager if you are one of those unfortunate to have that issue.

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