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I have been looking to use a full bridge strain gauge configuration to make a weighing scale. I successfully began prototyping it with an HX-711 amplifier and some preliminary strain gauges to verify if my approach works and thankfully it did with those components.

I was looking to upgrade to more sophisticated equipment with the anyload 202WA - 12.5 lb load cell found here: https://www.anyload.com/product/202wa-planar-load-cell/

to connect to a junction box from the same manufacturer:

and a substitute amplifier Tacuna systems EMBSGB200:

My issue now is configuring the code to read the correct weight from the voltage calculated at the output of my amplifier without using the HX-711 predefined library functions.

Here is my code so far:
Code: [Select]
 * Central class that operates the dispenser's data, sensors and actuators.
 * Relies on the tacuna systems knowledge base:
const float offset = 4.1056; // offset for the load cell to indicate 0 load at 2.5 V
const float vpp = 0.0048828125; // 5V/1024 for ADC conversion
const float totalLoad = 22.68; // maximum load capacity 12.5 pounds
const float a = 1100; // Amplifier Gain
const float s = 0.0008998; // load cell sensitivity
const float ve = 4.97; //Excitation voltage
float points;
float voltage;
float load;
float numerator; // numerator of load calculation
float voutmax; // denominator of load calculation

#define VOUT  A0

void setup() {
  Serial.println("Weighing code");

void loop() {

float calculatevoltage(){
  points = analogRead(VOUT)- offset;
  voltage = (points * vpp) - 0.54;
  Serial.print("calculated voltage is:");


void calculateweight(){
  numerator = totalLoad * (voltage);
  voutmax = s * a * ve;              // raw output voltage to its maximum rated capacity
  load = numerator/voutmax; // weight in kgs
  Serial.print("calculated weight in kilograms is:");


My reference for the weight calculation is in this FAQ: https://tacunasystems.com/knowledge-base/load-cell-faq/ under:
How do I convert load cell output voltage to pounds or kilograms or Newtons?
I feel that my scaling is off since the voltage gain at the output changes by a maximum of 0.1 V when loaded. I went ahead and changed the amplifier gain built into the boards DIP switches which did not yield much notable results.

Also my starting voltage when not loaded is 0.55 V hence the subtraction in the calculatevoltage() function.

Any help with this would be great!

Thank you

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