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Thanks! Just looking through the code, I'm confused why there is a row latch pin and also a column latch pin. My 4 shift registers for my 4x4 rgb matrix are currently daisy-chained and I can control each led... but am I meant I separate the latch pin for the common anodes from the latch pin for the cathodes for the shiftMatrixPWM to work?


Thanks Milamber! I've read through the forum that you had linked me. I'm still a bit confused as to why there is a columnLatch and a rowLatch in the shiftMatrixPWM.

I've got a 4x4 matrix with me which uses four 595s (one for each rgb colour and one for the common anode). This means I have a latch, clock and data pin that needs to be connected to the Arduino Uno. How should I connect it up using the shiftMatrixPWM? Or more specifically, what should I be assigning the rowLatch and columnLatch pins to?

Much appreciated.

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