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Hi. I want to make big arduino gamepad for pc with a lot of joysticks and buttons. I made mini controller with arduino leonardo and joystick library and it worked and now I want to make bigger controller with arduino mega but I don't know how to make arduino mega as gamepad in controlpanel on windows 10. I bought arduino mega and mega mini. Please help me because I am new in arduino. Thank you. :)  :)


thanks to Alan Chatham for creating this wonderful Unojoy library which could turn arduino into a potentially good joypad. Here you will find the support for the arduino mega also

thanks, Akash
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your welcome and all the best for your project
You asked me and I am here


Do note that that only works on offical mega2560 and the faithful clones with a 16u2 as serial adapter. The ones with a single-function serial adapter chip (like the countless clones with CH340G serial adapters - though clones with 16u2 are available) - those can't be reprogrammed.
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You can always connect your Leonardo to the Mega via eg. a serial port and let the Leonardo do the hard work ;)

The Mega has 3 additional serial ports (Serial1, Serial2, Serial3) and the Leonardo hase one (additional) serial port (Serial1).

Using a Due instead of a Mega could also be (rather have been) an option (if I'm not mistaken).
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