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Hello All,

Any news on the:

Arduino PortentaH7 Carrier Board ???

John W.


I have not heard anything yet. Here is the post by an open source option 



I am prototyping an open source development board for the future Arduino Pro (https://store.arduino.cc/portenta-h7)
With this board, you can:
  • Access all pins of the 2 high density 80 pins connectors
  • Use a standard Arduino UNO shield

This board is more simple and cheaper than the official carrier board.

Do not hesitate to suggest improvements or report a bug :)

Project on Github : https://github.com/Rufus31415/arduino-pro-portenta-h7-carrier-board
I think the biggest problem for makers would be soldering the 2 x 80 pin connectors to the board.

Wondering if Rufus or anyone else wants to make this board with the 2 connectors attached and nothing else. The board has everything all planned. Most of us could solder whatever other components we need. Just an idea. Any idea of a cost for that?


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Hello jerteach,

Yes - saw that - but I'm specifically asking about this:



John W.



There is a BOM estimation here : https://github.com/Rufus31415/arduino-pro-portenta-h7-carrier-board
The most difficult part is to solder the two connectors, if a lot of people are interested, I could make more than one with my oven.


I would be interested in this alternative carrier board!


Until the SWD debugging pins on the Portenta is made available easily, I don't think it will gain traction despite its bells and whistles.

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