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I have no question, I just want comments on this concept. My robot controlled musical instrument is placed in a public place. Anyone can control the robot using their smartphone. That's in a nutshell what I'm working on.

So the user should be able to operate my robot using a smartphone. I always hate having to install a lousy app to get something done, when the alternative would be to just use a well designed web page. So I have this setup instead. An Arduino Mkr 1010 WiFi gets the actions from a web site and steers the robot accordingly. User navigates with a smartphone to that website and controls the actions through a web page with suitable gadgets. There will be a delay, but in this particular instrument it's not critical.

To help the user get going, a sign with a QR-code takes one to the site. Technically anyone in the world could have access to the instrument, if they just knew the url. But that, too, is intentional.


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