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Guys, I've opened the ZTE router that I want to update it's firmware, and, first, I've found that it has a MX25L12845EMI, it's bigger than the one we where talking until now. Second, the router has a 4 pin header. I don't know for what is ment. I've heard that in some routers, is met for firmware updates, or recovering the router. I don't know if we can use it for something.
And, @hzrnbgy, can I connect the SD card directly to the arduino? Do you know any code or library that can read and write directly to sdcards?


You can connect directly an SD card to the Arduino. There are shields that have  built-in SDcard slots. I don't supposed you'll be soldering anything on the sd card, since that would make it "un-insertable" in a regular PC card reader


The pin headers on the router is probably a debug port. Maybe you are lucky and the manufacturer provided a UART debug port on these header

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