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Does anyone have experience / tips / success on connecting WiFi Rev 2 to Adruino IOT Cloud?

I get to the point of adding a Thing but i do not see the option for the Rev 2 module - only other modules.

Has anyone had any success in this area?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi @mattroth. The Uno WiFi Rev2 is not currently supported by Arduino IoT Cloud, so it's not possible to do.

Only the boards listed on this page can be used with Arduino IoT Cloud:


Hi @Pert,

Am I right to think that the WiFi Rev 2 is not supported by Arduino IoT Cloud because it does not have enough flash memory to upload a sketch using the BearSSL library?

If so, it really sounds like a design flaw :-(

Is there any plans to create a lighter version of BearSSL?

I am trying to use the Uno WiFi Rev 2 to connect to AWS, but unable to do so because of this.
How can I take advantage of the crypto chip without BearSSL?

Thanks for your help,


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