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Hello! I have a project utilizing my ATTINY85 and What I'm trying to utilize is 3 separate capacitive buttons for volume control. My question is , is there a capacitive chip that can speak to the attiny that provides me with several channels for buttons?

I'm designing my own PCB board so trying to stay away from break out boards from companies


Yes there is, go to a suppliers website and use the 'SEARCH' function.
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The MTCH series has parts that map cap touch channels 1:1 to i/o lines, though that might be painful on a t85
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You can look at CAP1203 and MTCH103 from Microchip. The latter has digital outputs.


If you have enough free pins, you could give this a shot, it's a library that takes advantage of the design of the built-in ADC of MCU (and a 1MOhm resistor) to act as a capacitive sensor. It for sure would be cheaper than adding another IC.

It worked really well with the mega328p (Arduino UNO), and I'm pretty sure it should work with the tiny85 too!


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