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It's not the editor that's the problem. It's that every time you compile, it compiles every file. In Eclipse only changed files are recompiled. The compilation time really bugged me using the Arduino IDE.


The older versions of the IDE use to not compile a library or include file if it found the matching .o file. However many people would bite themselves when working on library files and make changes in the source but forget to delete the old .o file so the new source would not even be compiled. Anyway they decided to change it to it's present behaviour because of that. Compile (verify) is pretty fast on my machine (but haven't written any monsters yet), but uploads always seem too slow. maybe time to upgrade to the Uno bootloader?



Does AVR Studio allow plugins?

VC++ Express does not, is AVR Studio a level above?


Does AVR Studio allow plugins?

VC++ Express does not, is AVR Studio a level above?

Support seems to be available; C++ and Subversion support plugins are available via "online gallery" in extension manager.  The Addin manager is also enabled.  As for specific implementation details, someone with more recent Visual Studio experience than I may have more information.  They (M$/Atmel) may have enabled some signed code jiggery-pokery that limits actual implementation.


Hello frankDownder,

For those of you who want to use AVR Studio to build you Arduino projects, check out my post in the AVRFreaks forum:


The post describes how to use AVR Studio 5 instead of the  Arduino IDE to build applications. 

With a friend on the French forum , we tried to follow your avrfreaks topic. after a few days searching and a few changes in the parameters, we succeeded, thanks to your previous work.

You can find a summary here: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,82577.0.html
and the full French topic here: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,81365.0.html

Amicalement, Jean-Marie

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