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we @Elkrem.io built a bitcoin library -AKA Koyn- with a simple and easy to use API that allows you to connect your hardware with the bitcoin network.

You can find the library here

Library Documentation

We built a vending machine that accepts bitcoins you can check our tutorial!

Also, we are building a blockchain development board that will allow makers to connect their projects with the blockchain technology easily.
We are eager to hear your feedback about the library and your thoughts about the development board.


Thanks for the tutorial it's really useful tool to create many machines that accept bitcoin, i really liked the vending machine idea, it will help me to create similar machine that accept crypto cause i know many people who have many crypto, i also have some, actually  i started investing in Ethereum in 2017 I started with ethereum to cad transactions here: https://ndax.io/markets/ethcad and i made 200 bucks that time because it was the golden time of bitcoin and crypto 2017 but now it worth less than how it was worth in 2017 but it still high and people still invest in it so much, i think it will explode soon and i'm sure about because i have been investing in it long years ago, other reason to grow is the virus pandemic which mean people will tend to use digital currincess. And now with your library i'll make a coffee machine that accept crypto.

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